Tata Pickup Trucks – What is the Best Pickup Vehicle

Tata Pickup Trucks – What is the Best Pickup Vehicle

Tata Motors | Apr 22, 2019 10:42 am
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With the launch of many successive brands of commercial vehicles, the Indian automobile industry is soaring high in both national and international markets.

Undoubtedly, the Indian automobile industry has reached its goal in providing a variety of impressive pickups in India such as Mahindra Bolero, Mahindra Imperio, and Tata Yodha Pickup - some of the best utility vehicles running successfully on Indian roads and providing the best of services backed by its special features and technology.

Currently, the Indian Market is booming with a range of high-end pickup trucks and none other than Tata Motors tops them all with its rugged beast Tata Yodha Pickup that is widely accepted for its strength and durability. The stylish Yodha Pickup delivers impeccable performance which certainly makes it one of the top pickups in the Indian auto Industry.

The advanced and striking features of Tata Yodha Pickup give a competitive edge over other pickups in India. The Yodha Pickup is an ideal choice for diverse day to day commercial operations like transportation of agricultural produce, poultry, fisheries, dairy, milk, parcel/courier, white goods, cash van, construction, service support vehicle in mines, other captive usage, etc.

Yodha Pickup is available in multiple variants of 4x2 & 4x4 in single and double cabin options with a payload capacity of 1500 kg. The smartest pick in its class is powered by a common rail diesel engine and delivers a high-power torque of high torque of 250 Nm at flat curve from 1000-2000 r/min, for better pick up in loaded condition.

Fixed with the BS -IV emissions – the Yodha Pickup sustains an eco-friendly environment and reduces pollution to a great extent. The fuel-efficient engine provides fuel capacity of 451 litre for long distance travel and works smart with a turbo - charged diesel engine for a speedy pickup.

A gradeability of 30% ensures safety while climbing on different slopes and terrains.

The smart pick-up has been designed to meet global safety standards. The antiroll bars provide better stability, the unique 3-layered body construction, crumple zones, a tilt-able steering column, retractable seatbelts and side intrusion beams ensures complete protection in the event of a side impact collision.

Another major factor being, Tata Yodha Pickup is extremely cost effective and fuel efficient as compared to Mahindra Bolero Pickups and has more demand in the market. More and more customers are buying Yodha again because of its strong performance against Mahindra bolero.

Tata Yodha Pickup features is a blend of beauty and ruggedness. It is designed to handle different loads and cargo under varied conditions. With plenty of space and convenient loading height, Yodha Pickup continues to dominate the Indian roads.

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