Tata Yodha - India’s Top Pickup Powered by 2.2 Litre 73.6 KW (100 HP) Engine

Tata Yodha – India’s Top Pickup Powered by 2.2 Litre 73.6 KW (100 HP) Engine

Tata Motors | Jun 28, 2021 5:29 am
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The Tata Yodha Pick up range is built on six core values that give the trucks the 6 ka Dum, promising lower total cost of ownership and higher profits.

From engineering to design, the pick up stand a cut above the rest for their power, strength, reliability, increased payload options and style.

Tata Yodha pick up range is a cut above the ordinary pickups on the road, they are imposing on every terrain, ensuring smooth journeys and successful business returns across a variety of applications.

Single or cabin crew pickup, 4X2 or 4X4 drive options, no matter what kind of pickup you are looking for, here’s why the Tata Yodha is the top choice.

Dynamic Power

Tata Yodha BS6 Trucks are powered by the world class 2.2 Litre DI four-cylinder engine that offers superior power of 100 HP (73.6 Kw) and torque of 250 Nm, best-in-class power aggregates that deliver across every terrain and application, with great mileage, pick-up and fuel efficiency.

Reliable Performance

You can always trust the Tata Yodha to perform with strength and reliability, with its strong suspension, wide rear axle, front disc brakes and 4 mm thick-rolled chassis frame that all adds to its immense sturdiness. 16-inch tyres, an ever-dependable gearbox offering a gradeability of up to 40% as well as a high 210 mm ground clearance means that the Tata Yodha rules every kind of terrain with performance.

Comprehensive Protection

For passengers and goods to have safe and secure journeys, the Tata Yodha has improved safety features that offer comprehensive protection, including the front bonnet with a crumple zone, wider axles and a collapsible steering wheel in case of head-on collisions. Twin-pot disc brakes in the front ensure better braking with any load, on any road condition.

Superior Comfort

Drivers and passengers will always be comfortable when travelling in the Tata Yodha BS6 range, whether in a two or four person cabin. They all come with tilt-able and collapsible power steering, flat lay-down seats with headrests, rear sliding windows ensuring cabin ventilation, a stylish dashboard with utility spaces, fast mobile charger, bottle holder, Newspaper pocket, lockable glove box and wide ORVM for enhanced visibility.

Higher Savings

The Tata Yodha is the most affordable pickup truck to own as it offers the highest savings, with the most fuel-efficient engine in the category and a driveline that needs minimum maintenance and high service intervals for the vehicle overall. What’s more, Tata Motors also offers a dedicated Tata Yodha Priority Service Helpline Number to help you get back on the road as soon as possible. The low running cost of just 0.24 paisa ensured peace of mind to Yodha users.

Maximum Profits

Maximise your profits with the Tata Yodha Pickup that comes with the biggest cargo deck internal loading area of 47.9 sq.ft., along with payload options of 1200 kg, 1500 kg and 1700 kg. Its CED-painted high-strength steel body delivers maximum durability. The truck is ideal for a spectrum of applications, from a cash van to fresh produce transport.

The Tata Yodha BS6 Range — superior, smart and tough on the roads in every terrain and driving condition.

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