Tata Yodha pick ups range

Tata Yodha Pick Ups Range – The Best Performance Oriented Pick Up

Tata Motors | Jun 14, 2021 10:55 am
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There are many pickups in India, but none matching the caliber of the Tata Yodha pick up range BS6.

This powerful pickup comes with 6 ka Dum - six value pillars that puts it ahead of the rest and cements its place as the best pickup performer.

Yodha range of BS 6 is the range of pick ups, available both in single cab & crew cabin variants with 4x2 & 4x4 drive options, Yodha is available in different payload options – 1200, 1500 & 1700 kgs meeting major customer requirements. Yodha is also available in cabin chassis variant for customized applications.

Yodha has stylish International, tall SUV stance, aerodynamic design, body colored wrap around front bumper, smart wrap around head light assembly, big windshield glass, stylish rear view mirrors which adds to the aesthetic appeal, we also have the Yodha mascot & decals on side doors, neat & clean body line with muscular cabin design which shows its presence on road. The bonnet has crumple zone which ensure safety in case of head on collision.

Superior Power & Efficiency

The Tata Yodha range of pickup trucks is powered by the dependable Tata Motors 2.2 L DI engine, that delivers best-in-class power and fuel-efficiency.

The 73.6 kW (100 HP) heavy-duty engine with a high torque of 250 Nm at flat curve wider band from 1000 - 2500 r/min. the most powerful pick up in its category. This enables fewer gear shifts and better pickup in loaded conditions, along with a Gear Shift Advisor to ensure maximum mileage.

Reliable & Rugged Performance

With large, 16-inch tyres and a reliable gear box, the Tata Yodha has a gradeability of up to 40%.

A 260 mm clutch diameter enables smooth gear-shifting and increases clutch life. Its Gear ratios and rear differential axle gear ratio are optimised to deliver high pulling-power and mileage.

Furthermore, a high ground clearance of 210 mm allows you to take any load on the toughest road conditions.

Comprehensive Protection

When it comes to the safety of passengers and goods, the Tata Yodha is built with enhanced safety features such as a large bonnet that comes with a crumple zone, a collapsible steering wheel that protects in the case of a frontal collision, front and rear anti-roll bars that increase on-road and off-road stability, and finally, twin-pot disc brakes that ensure smooth breaking on any road conditions and with any load.

Higher Savings

There isn’t a pickup that requires as effortless and economical maintenance as the Tata Yodha. It boasts one of the most fuel efficient engines in the category, that comes with a smart Eco Switch to help increase fuel savings.

The engine oil only has to be changed every 20,000 km, while the gearbox and rear differential oil can be changed at 80,000 km. Added in are zero maintenance features like an LFL (Lubricated For Life) propeller shaft and a no-greasing-needed feature for hub and suspension. So with every trip, you are guaranteed to save more.

Superior Comfort

From the outside in, the Tata Yodha is built to offer comfort and convenience. An aerodynamic design, SUV-like cabin style and side decals give it on-road presence.

The interiors are fitted with features like tiltable and collapsible power steering, bucket seats with headrests, rear sliding windows for ventilation, dashboard with utility spaces, fast mobile charger, bottle and newspaper holders and lockable glove box.

The wide ORVM offers enhanced visibility while the Reverse Parking Assistance System (RSPS) helps vehicle maneuvering in narrow lanes.

Maximum Profits

The Tata Yodha provides the opportunity to maximise your profits, as it is the pickup that comes with the biggest cargo deck internal loading area of 47.9 sq.ft. and payload options of 1700 kg, 1500 kg and 1200 kg.

With a high-strength steel body and 16-inch tyres to further ensure that the truck delivers superior performance across all terrains.

With low total cost of ownership and high potential for profits, the Tata Yodha is the pickup that performs best as your partner in progress.

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