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Tata Yodha Pickup and Tata Xenon Utility Pickup – the Ultimate Names in Performance and Ruggedness in India’s Pickup Market

Tata Motors | Mar 15, 2019 1:07 pm
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Though the heavy duty truck market is facing competitive pressure, Tata Motors is sustaining its position with new variants such as the muscular Tata Xenon Utility Pickup and Tata Yodha Pickup - reliable pickup trucks delivering superior performance. These are Tata Motors’ latest commercial models of the year, launched for both national and international markets.

Tata Xenon Utility Pickup is a dynamic commercial truck in India’s pickup market with a tall body designed to carry heavy loads. It comes with a maximum payload capacity of 1030 kgs supporting a wide range of commercial applications. The Tata Yodha Pickup is a commercial vehicle that delivers great power for last mile transportation requirements. It comes with a maximum payload capacity of 1500 Kgs and is extremely useful in the transportation of heavy materials.

With 215/75 R 16 radial tyres and best ground clearance of 210mm, you can experience the Yodha Pickup and the Xenon Utility Pickup sliding in a controllable manner irrespective of the load and terrain type.

What make the Tata Xenon Utility Pickup and Tata Yodha Pickup India’s most rugged pickups?

  • The Tata Yodha Pickup comes with a reliable and rugged gear box with OD gear and is powered by Tata 4SPCR TCIC 4 cylinder BSIV engine that gives an output of 64 kW(85 Hp) @ 3000 r/min. The Tata Xenon Utility Pickup on the other hand comes with a Tata 4SP CR 4 cylinder BS IV engine that is capable of producing 64 kW (85 Hp) @ 3000 r/min.
  • Additional strong suspension and high grade-ability supports the vehicle to climb on any terrains in loaded conditions
  • Both the pickups come with power steering that makes driving easier
  • Striking model with contemporary SUV like appearance
  • Ability to break through the uneven paths and perform as a dashing pick-up truck

The Yodha Pickup and the Xenon Utility Pickup are now setting new benchmarks in the pickup segment with excellent features giving a competitive edge to other pickups. They have a winning combination that gives the owners high profitability at the lowest cost of ownership.

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