Tata Xenon and Yodha

What are the difference between Tata Xenon Pickup and Tata Yodha Pickup ?

Tata Motors | Jul 17, 2018 11:10 am
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Tata Xenon Pickup and Tata Xenon Yodha Pickup
Tata Xenon Pickup and Tata Xenon Yodha Pickup2

After the launch of Tata Ace, Tata Motors took the next leap by developing the next level advanced commercial vehicles - Tata Xenon Pickup and Xenon Yodha Pickup in the pick-up truck segment. Though slightly different from each other, both Tata Xenon Pickup and Xenon Yodha Pickup come with unique features and specifications.

Tata Xenon Pickup Features and Specifications: An improved passenger truck, Tata Xenon Pickup is available in single and double cabins with internationally acclaimed features for a safe and comfortable drive.

The chassis of the Tata Xenon Pickup is designed to withstand temperamental tropical weather and traverse even on the harshest terrains with absolute ease. It is a sturdy pick-up truck and can maneuver through uneven roads easily. The motorized clear headlamps add to its appearance, making it look like one of the best passenger vehicles on Indian roads.

The emission standard of the Tata Xenon Pickup is BS-III, while the Xenon Yodha Pickup follows BS-IV, which makes it lighter on the environment and also gives it better mileage in desert zones and hilly terrains.

In terms of the fuel tank, the Xenon Pickup packs in more volume at 65L as against the 45L tank of the Yodha Pickup. It also has a higher top speed (120kmph) as against the Yodha Pickup’s 80kmph top-speed with full cargo.

However, the Yodha Pickup is a far wider and heavier vehicle with an internal load body of 2550 mm (8.4 ft) x 1750 mm (5.7 ft) as against the Xenon Pickup that has an internal load body of 1430 mm (4.7 ft) x 1410 mm(4.6ft). This makes Yodha Pickup far more suitable for carrying heavy loads – and a lot more stable too. The payload capacity of the Yodha Pickup is therefore, pegged at 1500 kgs, while its more upscale cousin can carry only 1030 kgs in comparison.

The 30% grade-ability of Xenon Yodha Pickup demonstrates a higher rate for ease of climbing and controlling speed on slopes. It has the ability to break through uneven paths and deliver unbeatable performance. Its chassis also has a high loading area with a comfortable driving seat and safety cabin. This makes the Xenon Yodha Pickup a more capable workhorse of the two – with the Xenon Pickup being greatly suited to private use and the Yodha Pickup being well suited to commercial use.

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