What is the Loading Capacity and Engine Specs of Tata Yodha Pickup?

What is the Loading Capacity and Engine Specs of Tata Yodha Pickup?

Tata Motors | Aug 17, 2021 9:41 am
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The Tata Yodha pickup is a successful culmination of the design philosophy which powers the entire BS6 range - 6 Ka Dum.

The 6 core values of “6 ka dum” that give Tata Yodha pickup an edge over its competitors are - dynamic power, reliable performance, maximum profits, comprehensive protection, higher savings and superior comfort.

Always thinking and pre-empting the customer’s needs, Tata Yodha pickup range is designed to lower expenses and increase profitability.

Engine Specs

The whole new BS6 range of Tata Yodha pickups come equipped with the most fuel-efficient DI engine.

This 2.2L DI engine generates 73.6 kW (100 HP) and a high torque of 250 nm which ensures fewer gear shifts and a faster pick up in rugged conditions.

The Tata Yodha pickup range guarantees an extended engine oil change interval of 20,000 kms.

To make it even more cost-efficient, the BS6 range is equipped with a smart eco-mode switch which helps save fuel whenever there is an empty trip.

To ensure maximum mileage, a gear shift advisor has been placed in all the pickups as well.

With a gradeability ranging from 34-40%, a strong suspension and a wide rear axle, the Tata Yodha pickup is ready to take on the toughest of terrains.

Loading Capacity

The Tata Yodha Pickups 1700/1500/1200 stand tall on 215/75 R 16 radial tyres and have a massive external load body measuring 2650 mm (8.7 ft) x 1850 mm (6 ft).

The Tata Yodha Crew Cabin (4X2) is fitted with 215/75 R 16 radial tyres (16”) and its external load body measures at 1880 mm(6.2 ft) x 1850 mm(6 ft). It has a payload capacity of 1140 kg.

With a ground clearance of 210 mm, one can be rest assured to carry a bulk of goods even in the most treacherous terrains as well.


Backing up the enhanced specs and loading capacity are a host of features that provide added convenience across the cabin, such as power steering, a reclining driver's seat with headrest, cabin ventilation, utility spaces for mobile charging, bottle holder, lockable glove box and other compartments.

Tata Yodha pick up customers say - “Kamai Zayada, Kharcha kum…”

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