What is the Performance & Ruggedness of the Tata BS6 Yodha Pickup?

What is the Performance & Ruggedness of the Tata BS6 Yodha Pickup?

Tata Motors | Aug 17, 2021 9:46 am
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The Tata Yodha Pickup BS6 range is the top performing pickup for those aspiring to grow their transportation or delivery business.

It comes with the promise of delivering enhanced profits through low maintenance and higher earning power. It’s definitely the most rugged choice of pickup, offering the lowest total cost of ownership and longest on-road lifespan.

Let’s take a look at what those features are:


The engine of the Tata Yodha Pickup is a top performer when it comes to power, fuel efficiency and mileage.

It is optimised to deliver the best, with a flat and wider band torque curve benefit that offers high power with less gear shifts, with low Noise Vibration Harshness levels that further smoothen journeys.

With ECO mode and gear shift advisor the Tata Yodha pick up is class leading fuel efficient pic up available in India, fuel contributing to 60% of the overall expenses make the fuel efficiency very important parameter in today’s growing fuel price scenario.

Beyond the engine, proven aggregates set the Tata Yodha apart in performance. Such as the gear ratios designed for higher fuel efficiency and power, with deeper gear teeth that offer better pick-up and mileage.


Built on a strong and sturdy structure, the Tata Yodha pickup offers maximum ruggedness. It stands on a 4 mm thick chassis frame with a reinforced belly, 16 inch tyres, capable of withstanding heavy loads across every terrain. Anti-roll bars are provided at the front for stability on rough roads, to prevent any roll over action.

Features that add to the pickup’s toughness include disc brakes at the front for better braking, a wider and stronger rear axle track for enhanced stability, a big 260 mm clutch diameter for smoother gear shifts, better torque at wheel transmission and enhanced clutch life. What’s more, the propeller shaft is Lubricated for Life and requires no greasing, thus helping you save on such costs.

Lakhs of happy customers vouch for the strength and durability of the Tata Yodha Pickup, backing the smooth functioning of these features.

Join them and experience the joys of owning a pickup that works to make your business excel, with best-in-class performance and ruggedness.

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