Yodha Pick Up Crew Cabin

Yodha Pick Up Crew Cabin for Cash Van Applications

Tata Motors | Jun 28, 2021 5:35 am
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The Tata Yodha pick up range is not only the most powerful and reliable performer, it is also highly versatile in design, style and applications. The Yodha pick up range comes in 2X2 or 4X4 drive options and single or crew cabin configurations, with payload options ranging from 1200 kg to 1700 kg.

Yodha crew cabin is the most preferred model for cash van application with inbuilt features suitable for this application, the only model available with flat and biggest load body in its category. Cargo internal length is 1780 mm & width is 1750 mm without wheel hump resulting in more loading areas, Yodha crew cabin can easily accommodate 88 cash cassettes, with its tubeless 16 inch tyres, 210 mm ground clearance and powerful 2,2 liter engine delivering 73.6 kW (100 hp), low turning circle radius of 6250 mm making it easy to navigate in narrow city lanes & meant for Indian road condition especially making it suitable for rural roads & challenging hilly terrain.

Safety is always a priority for Tata Motors, so it is no surprise that the Tata Yodha pickups come with plenty of built-in features that protect both passengers and goods alike. This includes bonnet with a crumple zone and a collapsible steering wheel that ensures maximum safety in case of a frontal collision, anti-roll bars fitted in the front and a wider rear axle track to add stability in road and off-road conditions, with twin-pot disc brakes in the front ensure better braking no matter the load or road condition.

When it comes to driver and passenger comfort, the stylish and feature-rich cabins of the Tata Yodha have everything you could ask for. The sturdy, muscular framework leads to intuitively designed interiors, with everything from collapsible power steering, comfortable bucket seats with headrests, rear sliding windows for ventilation to a stylish dashboard with utility spaces, fast mobile charger, bottle holder, news paper pocket, lockable glove box and wide mirrors for enhanced visibility. Furthermore, an integrated Reverse Parking Assistance System helps in reversing and parking with ease.

Whichever configuration of the Tata Yodha you choose, the vehicle comes with a category-best 3 year or 300,000 km (whichever comes first) warranty on the complete driveline. Ensuring additional savings and lowering the total cost of ownership, while promising high profits at every turn.

That’s why the Tata Yodha is the best pickup for a cash van. One that is strong, powerful, safe and offers peaceful, successful journeys.

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