About TATA 207

The 207 range of pick ups are suitable for all terrain and load conditions in India promising superior performance and better return on investments, the 207 is Smart Pickup of Indian Roads - The 207 is available in EX & RX version, the 207 EX being the independent suspension at front suitable typically ment for hilly terrain and demanding applications like the towing. The 207 RX has the rigid front and rear suspension suitable for all terrain and applications, is a true reflection of key performance parameters which are important & relevant for the customers business and impacts to the bottom line & profitability with reduced expenses.

Tata 207 range of Pickups are Perfect combination of best in Class parameters be it Proven aggregates (Engine, Gear box, Axle) better mileage & Performance, stability, Comfort, low maintenance costs & versatility with trusted Tata brand.

Tata 207 Pickup truck

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