• The Challenge AD for Yodha has below terms for the technical comparison over Bolero* (not any other model of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd nor other pick up or OEM's).
  • Customer has to come to Authorized dealerships and compare the features of Yodha & Bolero* (1250 kgs payload).
  • Customer has to take the one day ownership for Yodha and take a invoice.
  • For the claim of Rs. 5000 - customer has to share the invoice of Bolero* on his name post the date of one day ownership.
  • Customer will be given the demo & one day ownership from the authorized dealership and enter the name in CRM system to be eligible for the Rs.5000 claim.
  • Customer has to purchase the vehicle in same month on his own name.
  • Offer valid till 30th Oct'18 only for Bihar & Jharkhand.
  • Claim for higher earning potential is with ref to some set assumptions & some Yodha customers positive referrals & testimonials which is subjective & might vary from customer to customer and application to application.


  • Customers who bought Bolero* post the One day ownership of Yodha.
  • Bolero* has to be purchased on same name of customer and not any relative or friend who has taken Yodha test drive.
  • Customer has to come to us first & then buy competition Bolero*.
  • Customer who highlight any technical benefit over Yodha on below parameter mentioned on leaflet which has some benefit over Yodha.


  • The Challenge will open for participants from 12th to 30th Oct only for Bihar & Jharkhand.
  • Claim to be shared to TML by dealership before settlement.
  • Dealerships claim will be settled via debit note to settle any customer claim is it is cleared and fits the technical parameters with some advantages.
  • Demo, Test drive & then one day ownership activity is must for the customer to qualify for the Rs 5000 claim.
  • Process note for test Drive & One day ownership activity to be followed as attached.
  • It is mandatory to have a driving license to participate in this challenge. TML or its dealer will not be responsible if an accident takes place.
  • Any disputes subject to Mumbai jurisdiction.

* Bolero is a Trade mark owned by Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.